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Michele, your feedback is really great.  I can understand you purchasing the software 20 years ago.  In today's environment though, cloud seems to be the way to go.  I must agree with you they are very expensive.  I have reviewed quite a few and one of the biggest disadvantage is the pricing structure.  I will keep looking at others in an effort to find a good price.

Thanks very for your sharing.


Hello Linda,
Are you able to share the white paper with various software solutions.

Thank you

Even though our software is "server based" Lytec offers a "cloud based" version.  A couple of our providers use that and we can access their software from any internet.  If you find a cloud based that is cost effective please share.  I think it might be with Big Foot.

MOST practices have a PM solution in place. In marketing a medical billing company the way to market when the practice has a PM solution is of course to show the practice they don't lose any control over their existing PM solution.  Again.. IT is VERY VERY rare today to run into a practice that has NO PM solution..but if you do, there is still a way to maintain a low/no overhead by just merely giving the practice solutions to software and letting them setup and the billing company has access.

It's MY opinion that a billing company today does NOT need to maintain any costs associated with PM software/systems. Those practices that DO have a system in place they want to replace can be easily maneuvered with a list of software companies they may want to setup with. For those practices with an existing PM system that the billing company can access there is NO wait time, no transition time, nothing stops, reimbursement goes on nice and smooth.. if your a billing company that is transitioning a practice to your PM system there is a setup time, transition time and reimbursement DOES slow down. To me that is the best marketing angle.. NO WAIT, no TRANSITION. 

I have personally seen too many billing companies LOSE clients because the client did not want to undergo a transition to a new PM system or software. In order to accommodate those types of clients a billing company must be diversified in how they will work.

I have seen the total opposite to be true, in regards to the clients the billing companies I work for have. NONE of them have had a PM solution/system in place(over 20+ providers total). In some cases, it is because they had always used billing companies in the past, and never had the need to have their own PM system, in others it was because they were new providers just starting out.

That said, I agree with the rest of what you are saying...if you can access their existing PM system, do so. Be willing to learn on what they have in place already. Makes them happy, saves aggravation and time, keeps the money coming in.


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