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--- Quote from: mcneil.karen on September 22, 2016, 12:04:23 PM --- Question to Michele, how do you manage multiple PM systems?  I don't believe all providers are using the same one.  Will the biller have to become a multiple PM user, navigating between the different software? how about training and support?

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We have 10 people here total.  When we take on a provider with a new system I always start it.  I have a bachelor's degree in computer programming and it comes easy to me to learn new systems.  Once I learn a system I train one or two others in the office so we have multiple people who are fluent.  Some of our employees are good at learning new systems and being able to work in more than one.  Some are not.  We use our employees strengths.  As for training and support we either contact the company directly and utilize their training materials.  Or someone in the office gives us a quick training session.  Many times I just figure things out myself.  There are usually tutorial videos available.  Often the provider has support so we can also contact the company directly as well.

I use TOtal MD which is now cloud based and love it. $99 per month per sign in user

I was just reading an old topic thread, "Medical Billing Software Reviews" and Michele mentioned HIPAA compliance... "the provider switched her PM system (but she purchased a new one, she didn't switch to ours) because she also did not like the system and it became non compliant (HIPAA)."

I consider myself a newbie even though I've worked (part-time) in Dr's offices doing front office and billing for 17-18 years, mainly Medicare up until 2015. My husband is an LCSW and decided to leave his salaried job and expand his small private psychotherapy practice to full time. Then he went into a doctorate program so I took over his managed care billing. He didn't have PM software so we just created a spreadsheet using Excel. I use Office Ally and Optum to submit claims. Long story short, I now have two other therapist colleagues of his that I bill for who also didn't have their own PM, so I've been using Excel for them too. Now I want to expand my billing business, ideally to have 10 clients at most.

Am I being non compliant by using Excel? If so, from what I've read it seems cloud based would not be cost-effective for a small operation like mine. Maybe Lytec as Michele suggests?

p.s. Alice & Michele's "Write a Kick Butt Contract" Ebook is terrific!

What you are utilizing for your husband's practice might be practical but might not be practical if you plan to start a business.

Is there a reason why you feel you would need to purchase/lease/contract with a PM solution to open a business? Many don't today. You can simply utilize the clients existing PM solution to work. I'm all for free..but you get what you pay for. With your husband's business you are probably doing a lot more work than you need to if you had a good PM solution to do it all, MOST practices (small, medium or large) do utilize a good PM system to do it all without the need of added work. That would be the whole idea of outsourcing so you might want to consider that if your going to start your own business.

I believe the issue is that none of the three clients (her husband plus the two colleagues) have a PM system so using theirs is not an option.  I don't believe you are breaking any HIPAA rules as long as the data is secure, but it doesn't seem like the most practical way to keep track of things.  If you are going to stick to solo practitioners you obviously want to keep your cost down.  But as you grow your current system may not be feasible.  Lytec has a monthly fee option with a cloud based set up (kind of) that might work better for you.  It is unlimited providers and they charge per user.  If you don't want to invest a lot up front this might work better.  Personally for us, the monthly fee isn't feasible because we have 11 employees. 

If you are interested we work with a Lytec reseller called SMG systems.  You could call for a quote and demo.  We get absolutely nothing for referring people, we just like them.  But if you do call, be sure to mention our name.  Sometimes they will throw in a little something for people we refer.


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