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Well the obvious difference of course is you can cover more ground with direct mail than you can hand delivering. Also with direct mail there is more of an opportunity to create a lasting first impression. The practice gets to review your material on their own time. Be creative with your mailings, right down to the envelope and hand addressing. I also like to add a flash drive with all the marketing and you can even add things like articles, presentation, etc. When someone gets a packet with something in it, it creates curiosity.

Thank you Linda.

Right now a great marketing tool can be MACRA.  Many providers still have not even heard of it, while most others do not understand it.  You can offer to come in to do an assessment of how MACRA may impact their receivables.


--- Quote ---Good afternoon everyone,
As always thanks for the information shared in this forum.  I am at this time marketing my business and looking for clients.  What are the advantages of hand delivering vs mailing your marketing material?  My marketing plan includes mailing a package with our marketing material and following later by phone.

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Michele is dead on about MACRA/MIPS. Many doctors/staff are just clueless about this for the most part, and don't seem to understand how it will negatively affect their bottom line. They are just deciding to do PQRS/MUE, and don't even realize it is something else now.

As for hand delivering versus mailing for your marketing, my answer is based on how I felt as an office manager for a practice for twenty years...I am all about hand delivering over mailing IF you have the time/resources to do so, especially for doctors in your town/city. To me, it just showed that the person/company was more dedicated to wanting to get our business. I didn't want the person to necessarily stand there and talk to me about what they offered, as I was too busy for that, but a packet of info hand delivered quickly at the desk, with a "look it over when you have time, and call me with any questions" meant I would actually look it over if interested, and I did. We never needed a billing company, but we did utilize the services of others who brought their material to us personally.

Mailings, on the other hand, went straight into the recycle bin unopened, for the most part. Neither I nor the doctor I worked for was a fan of "junk mail", so she made it clear that if we got mail from someone offering services, to trash it. She didn't want to see it on her desk. Every practice is different, though.

Maybe you should try a little of both, and see what gets you more results. Another thing I just thought of...with the mailings come the follow up calls you mentioned. Most offices I know, my own included, HATE getting cold calls. Like, more than anything else.  So that is another downside to the mailings. Chose your time to make those calls wisely... and the beginning of the day is not the time, lol!

Hello Kristin,
Thank you for your follow-up to Michele's response.  I have been reading a lot and staying abreast of MACRA and will consider using this as a marketing tool as Michele suggested. 

Your suggestion of hand delivering the marketing material to those providers within my town is a great idea and will combine with direct mailing.

Kind regards.


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