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For 2017, is there cpt codes that can be billed by Medical Psychologists and LPC's for psychotherapy done by telephone?

I do not believe there are any codes yet for telephone.  I was told previously to use the unlisted code 90899.  As far as I know it is not a covered service.  I know that telemedicine is starting to be considered, but not telephone. 

Is there anyone that is doing the telemedicine?   How well does it work for your office?  How does it affect work flow? 

I haven't billed any yet, but I'm curious as well.  I think we are headed this direction.

I have not billed it, but from a recent seminar I recently learned:

Skype is not HIPAA compliant  ( provider would need the software company to sign a BAA and Skype does not)

Use the GT modifier to signify telehealth services

the service takes place in the state where the patient is located. And the provider must be licensed in that state. So, if a NY provider has a patient that moved to FL, and wants to continue seeing them and the NY provider is not licensed in FL, they cannot bill telehealth svcs in that case.

more info here:


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