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 I am billing RES for adolescents. Im using 1001 and H0018. I see condition code 48 for adolescents ...and unsure whether to use. Trying to weave through the info and it appears medicare and not necessary since this is not medicare..?... This is my first rodeo with Adolescent billing and nervous. -Does anyone know if this is necessary? or any info is greatly appreciated. The carriers are ( in order of most common ): Aetna, UBH/ Optum, Anthem of CA, BCBS and Cigna. Thank you

I'm showing that condition code 48 means hemoglobin reading.  Is that what you mean?  I show that condition codes are not required so I personally would not complete that field unless there was a reason you need to report something.

I was told it reflected adolescent billing. Thank you for the response. This is a headache.


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