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Can be remote- On mars- I don't care. I need help with billing for Mental health and substance abuse facility billing.

We have done facility billing for mental health and substance.  What type of help do you need?

I have questions I need to ask and would just be happy to pay someone for the correct answer. Consult. I really need an hour.
 In particular, a big headache Im cleaning up is the wrong type of Bill on claims. There was a default set and all of the claims and cases I cleaned up went out with wrong bill type that generated wrong place of service. I almost passed out.

 How do I most efficiently and quickly correct this. I'm really stressed and need to support my family. I inherited a huge mess with UR...HUGE...fixed it...and now this. I see that there is a strict timeline and trying to do it all.

I come from a very teamwork oriented environment and Ive found most billers are very funny about helping each other out. This forum has been wonderful, but I really don't want to suck the board up with questions and truly appreciate advice; I don't expect advice to be free. Help.

We do consulting.  Email me at   I'm sure it seems like you need an hour, but I bet it would not take nearly that long.

But I don't mind answering questions here either so don't feel bad answering.  Others will benefit as well.

When you say "there was a default set" do you mean in your software?  Is it not something you can simply change? 

What software are you using?

If you are billing on a UB04 then there is no place of service so I'm not sure what you mean.

I was away on a vacation so if you respond to this thread I will be quicker in answering.  :)

Thank you, this is very much appreciated and kind.

 I will email you. Thank you


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