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So now I have my business all set up but not really sure how to go about getting clients.  I've given my cards out to several doctors that I know for possible referrals and I was thinking of just going to a few offices and leaving my cards with them as well.  Do I need to set up a website?  And how can have my information to come up when people for example type in google "Medical Billing Companies in NJ" :o

There are many different ways to market yourself.  In my opinion a website is a good idea.  It may attract clients, or it can be used as a tool for you to send potential clients to.  We don't do brochures, we give them our website address.  It's not required but it's a good marketing tool.  As for coming up in google that is SEO or search engine optimization which is a field all in itself.  I can't really guide you on this, it's very important but not something that can be taught in a thread on a forum.

There are several threads on the forum with marketing ideas.  I would search for them.  Marketing, getting clients, is the toughest part of the business and will require a lot of attention.

Marketing is the most difficult part of this business. I've had the most success with going door to door and handing out my business cards to office managers, or at least with the office staff. Don't forget telephone prospecting (cold calling) it may be boring, but it's inexpensive and it get's results. There are many other ideas on this site, but whatever method(s) you choose  the key word you need to remember about marketing is consistency, there is no substitute for it.  :) 


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