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Accountant or Quickbooks?


I am wanting to know if it is more beneficial for me to buy a product like quickbooks or is better to hire an accountant? Also, if you work out of the home how do you pay yourself out of the buisness? Do you write a check from your business account and claim that amount on your taxes as income or do you use like quickbooks with enhanced payroll and have the taxes taken out then write a check to yourself?

We use both quickbooks and an accountant.  We use quickbooks to bill our providers, and to keep track of our finances for tax purposes.  Our accountant actually prepares our tax returns and also does our payroll.  Alice and I are on the payroll just like an employee.  Hope that helps!

Yes it does help...Thank you

I wont be having employees for a while, so I wouldn't need an accountant until tax season right?

Probably not.  Before we had our accountant do our payroll we didn't need him until tax time.


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