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If a patient was seen for 90791 in office, but there is no dx code, how do we file with insurance?    (there was nothing that showed anything was wrong with patient-testing and intake)

Why was the person seen in the first place?  There must have been a reason and maybe that will help determine a diagnosis.  I've seen where people have had to be tested for court situations and no dx was found but there was a dx for the court ordered.

There is no dx code. The wife wanted husband checked for depression. Husband came in only knowing he had an appointment.  Testing done during the 90791 does not show ANYTHING.  So, no dx, what code should I use?   Years ago, I had this come across my desk and there was a V code that was billed.  (That was years ago)  Now with ICD-10, I am not sure what to use.

I have used Z71.1 (person with feared health complaint in whom no diagnosis is made) in this type of instance.

Thanks so much.  I was going to use this code but just wanted to get feedback since this has happened now only twice in 10 years.   Thanks again.


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