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Meeting with prospective 1st client!!

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I'm a little overwhelmed with excitement because a prospective client is interested in my services. My first! So, I'm asking what specific things should I bring to the provider, what things should I ask from the provider? Should I meet a lawyer prior? Etc etc. Any and all words of wisdom and advice is greatly appreciated!
I hope the provider will sign me up!

Thank you!

A meeting with a prospective 1st client can be nerve wracking. You'll develop your own style after awhile, but here are a few high points:

* Come prepared with everything you need to close the deal in case they want to sign up right away. i.e contract, pens, contact information etc.

* DO NOT stretch the truth about what you can offer! You'll be tempted sometimes, but if you do, that will come back to bite you sooner or later. Always tell the truth.

* Before the meeting, write down a list of services and/or benefits you can offer your client, commit them to memory.  You'll want to keep the conversation friendly and informative, but make sure you can communicate what you can do for them without looking like you're straining your memory to do so.

* Offer an incentive such as a discount on the first months services if they sign up before a specified date.

* Keep a level head, no matter what happens. Medical professionals may be well educated people, but they are just a prone to making bad decisions as anyone else. Don't get too attached to the outcome.

* If they turn you down in favor of someone else, keep their contact information and follow up with them in about a month. If the other billing service they choose does not work out, you'll be first in line for consideration.

Best of luck!  :)   

Williamportor gave you great advice.  The only thing I would add is to practice your answers to anticipated questions such as:

1.  Do you have any other clients?  Or do you have any references?  -  You will want to be prepared to answer this because it is a common question.  Don't lie, be honest, just be confident that even though you do not have a client you are prepared and you know what you are doing.  Not having clients just means that you will have plenty of time to work on their account and you MUST do a good job because your business will depend on it.

2.  Why should I hire you?  Be prepared with a confident answer about why you would be the best choice.

Role playing can be helpful. 

Good luck!

Thank you for the advice. But unfortunately, the prospective client was trying to hire me for a cheap dirt price for 2 specialties, 2 types of insurances, 90% paper filing, and the full billing package (tracking/followup, denials/appeals, eligibility verification etc) for $300 a month!!!!!

I felt the need to value myself and she declined my offer. I'm glad she did.

Good for you for valuing yourself! That is a ridiculous price on her part, and I don't know that ANYONE would agree to is insulting. I would rather have no client than a client like that.


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