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They present it to the doctor as if it is nothing to do the billing.  They basically say that since they are doing the EMR/EHR the billing is automated.  They don't realize there is so much more to billing than simply sending out claims.  Many doctors don't know and lose a ton of money.  Very sad.


--- Quote from: kristin on May 23, 2017, 08:31:51 PM ---... I would never allow an EMR company to do billing ...
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You cannot use Athena unless you agree to them doing the billing.  But they do very little, if any, follow-up.  Rejected claims are placed into a bucket that is the responsibility of the provider's office to clean up.  Since the provider's office staff are not billers, the stuff mostly just sits there and never gets paid.  We have several clients for whom we provide clean-up billing services after Athena first does their thing.  The providers did not know all of this stuff was sitting unpaid in the bucket that Athena places rejected claims into - until we pointed it out to them.  They were appalled.  Athena can rightly claim that the providers were informed of this practice somewhere in the mountains of information that the providers have no time to read through.

Obviously, this is more of an issue for those providers who do complicated billing.

Thanks for sharing that information.  We knew they didn't do much for follow up or work the denials but it's nice to educate people with the specifics.  I always tell providers that they get what they pay for.  If they are paying a low (extremely) percentage they are most likely losing money.  A billing service cannot go after all of the claims, or do things to the detail that they should be done for a ridiculous price.  I see that even locally.  There are a couple of other local (in my area) services that charge less than we do, but when clients come to us from them we end up doing major cleanup.  Even though our fee is higher, they bring in more money which covers the difference in fees by far.  Billing is an important job that requires an experienced person or team of people to ensure that the doctor or practice collects what they are supposed to.


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