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Can pre-authorized and non pre-authorized services be on same bill ? Thx


I am new to billing, it's a new 6 bed substance abuse rehab facility in California, I just got the book to fill out ub-04 and it's very helpful. I was wondering if I can list pre-authorized and non pre-authorized services on the same bill. Thank you

Yes you can.  I feel like I should type more, but there really isn't anything else to say!   ;D

Thx! What about detox and other services on same bill? I know its so basic, just filling out claim form first time:)

I am interested in your online classes, which one should I start with? Tight on budget to start -

You can put them all on one bill with the exception of any "bundled" services where a portion is not authorized.

All services can be billed on one UB04.  You would just list them out line by line. The authorized services will be processed as such and the unauthorized as well.  I will send you a PM about your options regarding the courses. 


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