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Going to be billing for a group that does exclusively Skilled Nursing Facility. Family medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehab physician. Should only be a handful of codes. Anyone with experience doing SNF billing and recommendations on most cost-effective PM/billing software to use?

You will be billing professional fees for physician visits to residents in the nursing home correct?  If so, it is basically the same as family medicine billing.  The codes are 99304-99316 and the POS has to reflect the type of facility.  The SNF info goes in box 32 as well. 

As for software, does the group already use a PM system?  If so you may be able to do it through their system.  If not and you need your own, there are a slew to choose from and personal preference is a big part of the decision.  We have used Lytec for many years and we are very happy with it.  If you are interested in a demo we recommend SMG systems from Long Island.  They've been good to us.  We don't get anything for referrals, but if you call mention that we sent you.  They treat the people we refer to them well.  :)


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