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FOR SALE: Obstetrical Medical Billing Business - WORK FROM HOME!


We have a successful Obstetrical Medical Billing Business for sale to the right person.  We provide Verification of Benefits and Claims Submission services to about 30 midwives throughout the United States.  We have been in business for nearly three years.
 In 2016, we had an annual income of $36,000.  In 2017, we purposely let go of some business (so we could do some traveling--the business is very flexible in that way) and have brought in $24,000 so far.  This business is remote, meaning that you can WORK FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD as long as you have access to reliable internet.    This is a business that can be operated by a single person (I am a work-at-home-dad), or could quickly grow with the addition of other employees.  This business has a very low overhead and does not require any special equipment besides a computer that can run Microsoft Office and a headset that plugs into your computer (for making phone calls).

Included in the sale of the business will be:
--our business website
--business email address
--fax number (this is an e-fax number; you do not need a fax machine as faxes come in through email)
--office number (runs through Skype)
--official business name and LLC
--all business forms, templates, documents, letterheads, logo, dropbox, etc.
--up to 2 weeks of training by me (the owner) through Skype/phone calls
--all of our existing contracts with providers

In order to succeed with this business, you will need strong customer service skills, experience with medical billing and coding (strongly recommend that you are or have been recently a Certified Professional Biller), knowledge of medical office issues, such as HIPAA rules, knowledge of midwifery and out-of-hospital delivery (not mandatory but strongly recommended), and the ability/determination to work on your own without supervision.

A typical day at the home-office looks something like this:
Be at the computer at 8:00 am.  Check voicemails and return phone calls from patients and/or providers, answer emails, send invoices, schedule daily and weekly tasks, begin making phone calls to insurance companies to verify patient benefits, answer some more emails between phone calls or while on hold, call back patients and/or providers who have called while you were on the phone, type up Verification of Benefits reports and email them to patients and providers, make phone calls to insurance companies to check the status of pending claims, send invoices for paid claims, submit claims, answer more emails, end-of-business day at 5:00 pm.

If this seems like something that would be a good fit for you, please contact me at

Thank you.

Is this business still for sale? Can you please tell me your asking price? Thank you.



Send an email directly to him at   

I know he was talking to someone but I'm not sure if it sold.


The doesn't work

Please advice


We have been in regular communication with him and we got the same message over the weekend.  We are thinking he must have sold the business.  We have a phone number we are going to try.  I will post an update soon.


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