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For those of you currently running your medical billing business from home what services are you currently using for your business phone and fax? I'm looking into options that will be cost effective as I'm just starting out. I called my local phone company (Charter) today and for two phone lines they want to charge $50 and for one they charge $29.95. Wow! Here has to be other options! I'm interested in hearing what you currently use. I'm also worried about hippa compliance when the ones I've research such as efax, google voice, skype, etc.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

We technically don't work from home but we use Nextiva.

As a billing company I do not use VOIP for my clients or patients calling. I use my local telephone service. Yes it's a bit more costly but I include costs into my fees and I have a lot more assurance of privacy.
I use OOMA for personal calls and although it is very cheap and easy to use, I'd NEVER use it for business.. I've had some bloops with both OOMA and Vonage to convince me not to use VOIP for business.


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