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Passthrough Billing


I am trying to educate a Pain Clinic in Ohio, whom I believe was mislead, by a reference lab telling them they could do pass through billing for toxicology. I am confident they are aware Federal of any kind is not permitted. However, is there a specific OHIO BCBS, United, etc. written guide I can reference? I can find other state references (CO, TX, etc)


I could not find anything specific to Ohio, or any written guide stating it is not permitted, however most of what I read is that it is not permitted.  But nothing is anything that could be cited as a source.  Sorry!

Thanks so much for the reply. I am 99% sure too.. but they want proof.. :)

As a professional, anytime I am asked by a client to "prove it" I've got one foot out the door. I will however advise them that they may not look very good in an orange jump suit. They hired you as a professional, asking you to prove something that seems so obvious is like asking for fairy dust.


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