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Mobile Dermatology Clinic billing questions


I am looking for research on mobile health clinic billing.

I am starting billing for a mobile dermatology clinic that goes around to retirement communities in an RV unit. Patients come into the RV and have skin treatments done for Basal Cell Carcinoma and other skin lesions.

My questions are about billing with the place of service and facility location address in box 32. I'm not sure if this should be billed with POS 15 (mobile unit) or POS 12 (home) and also what location address do I use? Does the retirement community address need to be used because they wouldn't have an NPI.


Since the patients are coming into the mobile unit (the RV) I believe the POS should be 15 and that box 32 would have the mobile health clinic's information. 

If patient's were being seen in the retirement community facility then the POS would be 12 and the patient's/retirement community's address would go in box 32.  No NPI is needed in box 32 when the POS is 12 or 13.

Ok so yes they are coming into the RV for the visit. So when you say the mobile clinics addressi do you mean what they have on file for their billing address?

Yes and the billing NPI.

Thank you so much Michele for your input!

Just to clarify....
1. I bill with POS 15 for mobile unit (Medicare's description talks about there is usually a better POS code to use in place of 15 in most instances but if there is not use 15). Would office POS 11 be a better code since they are technically in their office but the office is a mobile unit?
2. The address in box 32 does not need to be the physical location of where the RV is parked at the time. It can just be the billing address (which is a PO box because they do not actually have a location. The RV is brought back to the owner's home at night when not in use).

I was under the impression I was to add the facility address where they are parked for those particular patients and bill with POS 15 with that physical RV location. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm sorry for all the redundant questions. I can find a guide anywhere for billing for mobile units and this is all new to me and to the provider. They are a new start up company and we are kind of all learning as we go.

Again, thank you so much!


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