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Chiro Billing Collect:
If a doctor does not have cloud based billing software, how are you accessing the program? I have used Go To My PC but am looking for different options possibly without a fee.

Interested in learning more of the logistics of remote billing if you use the provider's software.

Thank you.

You can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  That has to be done by an IT person.  Other than the charge for the IT person I don't believe there are any costs.

I use LogMeIn as it has the best in security features with two factor authentication PLUS you can actually log in and out of the practice's computer (using your own login of course) . You can also boot and reboot the system if you need to.

We have used logmein for years as well.  However they are getting very pricey.  We have 5 seats and in January they will be charging us over $700.  Their fee has doubled the past two years in a row.  I can't continue to pay those rates when we can do a VPN. 

I only have one seat and my cost is included in my clients fees. They did get pricey since being bought out. I'd prefer a VPN myself but can't really say the costs would be worth it for me since I don't have (or want) employees.


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