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Patient Credit Card Payment


If a patient calls to make a payment on their account by credit card, how does this work? Do I need an addition software to process this payment? In my situation I will be doing all the billing out of the providers EHR system. This software is capable of posting the payment but not capable to actually processing the payment. The providers have square attached to their phones and iPads for collection of payment....I canít imagine I refer the patient to the provider for the processing of this payment.

I'm not sure how square works other than they have the attachment that can be used for swiping cards.  Do they also have a system that you can log into from a computer to process manual payments?  If they do, then you would just log in and manually punch in the information for the payment.

We have different set ups with our providers depending on their system. We have some providers that don't take credit cards so they ask us to process the payment (we have a merchant system ourselves) and we credit them the amount of the payment minus a 3.5% fee (the cost of accepting the credit card). 

Some of our providers that take credit cards directly in the office prefer to also take the call so we refer the patient to call the office directly.  Some providers wish us to take all payment information and then give it to them in their office to process.

Agree with Michele, if the merchant has a "virtual terminal" you could do it that way. I personally don't process credit card payments for my clients/patients, they call directly to the office and they process them. I prefer to keep the collections side of things outside of my contractual services.

Such helpful information!! A huge thank you to both who responded. This was the one process I was confused on. I totally understand now. Thank you!!


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