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EFT Enrollment


Is it “appropriate” to ask a client for a voided check for EFT enrollment? I know a few commercial payers require an EFT enrollment to be done with an ERA enrollment. Honestly EFT enrollment is more convenient, however, is it appropriate to ask a client for a voided check? Want to double check with you experts first 🙂.

Also, what is your process for a client giving you EFT information? Is this something a client gives you daily? Weekly? Etc. in order for you to reconcile payments appropriately. I guess my questions would also apply to checks payments received. How do clients relay this information to you? My current client will be an hour away so office pickup is not an option.

A huge thank you for your help!!

Yes it is appropriate.  We often handle those types of things for providers and we ask them for a VOIDED check.

Most of our providers only notify us if they do not receive an EFT payment.  We do have one that we have to wait for her to send over a statement showing the EFT deposits and then we post after receiving that.  We receive that every other week because that is how she requested it. 

Once again you’ve been a huge help!! Thank you!!


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