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Virtual Mental Health Company Set-Up...Question


Has anyone ever helped a business owner start up a group practice who isn't a practitioner themselves?

We have offered advice, but not actually helped the owner start up.  Mostly offered help with setting up (credentialing) with insurances and setting up a fee schedule.

Hello, your response was helpful. The advise you offered the owner........did it pertain to how to get their group credentialed with the insurance companies so the on-boarding providers just needed to attach themselves to the group or did the providers need to be individually credentialed apart from the group.

The group needs to be credentialed and then each individual provider will be added/linked to the group.   The process for this varies from carrier to carrier.  If the provider's are already credentialed with a carrier then the group just needs to get added and then they need to link the provider to that group.  If the providers are not already credentialed then they will most likely credential the provider and then link them to the group.


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