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Who’s address? Client or Billing business?

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I want to make sure I have the correct setup moving forward. Per my client they wish to have all payments come to my business address. I will be handling their deposits. What address should be printed as a return address on envelopes going out? Their business name with my business address?

What about my Business voicemail? My business name?

Not a good idea at all. Medicare wouldn't allow it anyway. Plus you have to go and change address's and do W9's with all carriers. It's really not worth the hassle at all. Look into a lockbox.  You should also look into laws in your state if your collecting funds because you may need a surety bond.  I don't collect any funds on behalf of clients, way too much liability.

Thank you for your response! My business address is actually a lock box with a psychical street address. I will be billing commercial insurance and patients only. I know Michele said she collected a clients payments directly. Looking for some more information on how this is done as far as the return address on insurance claims being mailed (minimal majority will be EDI) and patient statements.

For the clients that use us to received mail/payments our address is listed as the correspondence address with the insurance carriers.  It also goes in box 33 of the CMS form and on patient statements.

Very helpful! Thank you Michele! Your full mailing address or do you use the clients business name with your mailing address?


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