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Chiro Billing Collect:
I have two questions regarding NYS Work Comp.

When billing 99455 and x-rays on the same visit, I am assuming the 99455 can not and should not be billed with a modifier because of the additional service?

Also, the form states that compensation for completion of the C-4.3 is the same as a 99245 E&M but I do not see this code on the chiropractic fee schedule. Any ideas what the reimbursement should be? We have always had a set fee and usually receive the full amount.


The 99455 should not need any modifier if billed with an xray.  Xrays are not usually considered a bundled service.

Are you talking about being reimbursed for the completion of the C4.3 form?  I don't believe they pay for that form to be completed.


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