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Term billing service working their A/R

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I recently sign a new client. The former billing service will be working the A/R they are responsible for.

1. What is the average time given to a terminated billing service to do so? I know this is a decision between the provider and terminated billing service but Iím curious. They have stated she will possibly continue for 4 months working A/R prior to my start date of 1/1/2018. Seems a bit generous!

2. I will be using Navicure as my clearinghouse because it is built into the providers system I will be using. If she is using a different clearinghouse is this even possible? If I setup Regence to accept claims through Navicure and then she continues to use say OfficeAlly is this even possible? Iím not familiar with this happening.

3. I should also state that all payments have previously went to her business address. Moving forward the provider has elected payments to be received at my business (locked box) address. This becomes extremely complicated when she continues to work A/R she is responsible for. I offered my services to do so but they have elected that she continues and resolves her accounts (all prior to 1/1).

Hi Powerade_993,

1. Generally they give about 90 days for a termed vendor to catch up with the old A/R. But since you have a cut off date, the provider may even have a different arrangement (may be a claim basis) with the vendor until his All of his collectibles are brought in.

2. Yes. This is possible. A provider can submit claims via more than 1 clearinghouse. You just have to make sure you apply for a new EDI enrollment and not an update.

3. This is a bit complicated though, but since you will be taking charge beginning from a particular service date, you should report to the other vendor if you receive any payments for her claims and make sure you have a track of it. Similarly, she should send your payments to you from payers who have not updated the new address, so that both of you can reconcile your deposits accurately.

Hope this helps. Good luck with the new client.

Thank you Sriram_Sub! This was helpful information as I am responding to my new client with my recommendations.

So you can bill say Regence from two different clearinghouses? Would you then receive ERA information on both clearinghouses based on where the claims where originally submitted?

Called Regence this morning. They confirmed you can in fact submit claims through two separate clearinghouse, however, the ERA's will come to one.

Thank you :-)

Yes. The payments will always be through one clearinghouse. You should work on a reconciliation mechanism with your counterpart. Good luck.


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