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I am new at coding and billing and I'm learning how to bill transitional care management/post hospitalization. Can u bill for any diagnosis or only particular ones.

We are also starting to bill for transitional care.  I found a couple of really good articles:

yes I saw those sites but it doesn't say if its for all dx, my old office manager told me you can only bill for COPD, Pneumonia, Heart failure and heart attack but I don't see that being true it what ive read just wanna make sure im doing it right

No, it is not just for those dx's. I bill TCM codes all the time, and there are no diagnosis restrictions.

EDITED TO ADD: Also, there is no longer a 30 day waiting period before you can submit the claim. They can now be submitted the same day the TCM is done, or anytime thereafter.

Good to know about the 30 day waiting period!  Thanks!


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