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Need help on HSA billing!!!



Receiving zero payments EOB from insurance payer (with allowed amount shown as adjusted towards deductible). But after the same's posted in the RCM system, receive HSA payments later, which creates difficulty posting the payment, as the invoice's already gone to patient for the their responsible payment

1 - Can we confirm, before submitting a claim, if it's an HSA payment?
2 - If we get zero payment with deductible amount in insurance ERA, who we should consult to confirm whether it will get HSA payment - insurance payer or the patient?
3 - If once receive HSA payment, will that patient's all claims will be getting HSA payment?

Any expert advise is much appreciated...

I don't know of any way to know or confirm an HSA payment without the patient telling you at the time of service that they have an HSA.  :(

Treat the HSA payment as a patient payment in your PM system. Make sure you document the HSA payment info (check #, etc) an HSA payment is just like receiving cash payment from patient.


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