Complete Guide to Chiropractic Billing

Chiropractic Medical Billing We’ve put together a complete guide for everything that you need to know to correctly bill for your Chiropractic Billing Services!

You will learn how to make sure that your claims are paid properly, and that you are reimbursed completely for all of your chiropractic services. This book will teach you exactly how to bill out and get paid for your services. Handling denials and appeals won’t be a problem for you anymore! You will also learn ideas for expanding your income for things such as orthotics, knowing when to use modifiers, and billing modalities.

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4 Responses to “Complete Guide to Chiropractic Billing”

  • Karl

    Will this be updated for IDC-10?

  • admin

    From Michele:
    Also all books are updated regularly, so it is most likely that any books including information on ICD 9 or ICD 10 codes will be updated close to the deadline for the ICD 10 conversion.

    From Alice:
    We explain what the diagnosis codes are and how they affect the billing but we do not go into specific diagnosis codes. We may update the book but it is difficult to say how the ICD10 coding will affect the billing at this point. It seems we may be using crossover sites to use ICD10s.

  • Vincent

    When was “Complete Guide to Chiropractic Billing” published and does it have 2012 billing guidelines etc. What is the pricing on this book.


  • admin

    Dear Vincent,

    All of the details about this book can be found here:

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