Medical Billing for Mental Health

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With all of the questions that we receive on a continual basis, especially in the areas of billing for specialty services, we’ve decided to write several books to help answer those questions – as well as to give a complete understanding of everything you need to know to correctly bill for those services.

We want billing offices everywhere to stop losing the money that they have rightfully earned due to incorrect billing.

With the complexity of the forms, and the vast amount of information that you usually have to go through just to get the answers that you need out of those huge techno mumbo jumbo books, it’s no wonder that so many offices are losing so much money!

We decided to put together a very informative – yet simple to understand – ebook that covers everything you need to know to properly bill for Mental Health.

Not only does this ebook provide everything you need to know for mental health billing, it also includes the complete version of our BEST selling ebook “How to Complete a UB04 Form Completely and Correctly – Line by Line, Box by Box”!

Whether you are a social worker, a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst, this book can teach you exactly how to bill out and get paid for your services.

Check it out here: Mental Health Medical Billing Made Easy

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