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New Update: The new CMS 1500 (rev 02-12) form, with the adding of qualifiers, taxonomy codes, & the addition of up to 12 diagnosis codes in preparation for ICD10 codes. The use of this new form is now mandated

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We wrote this 40 page step by step manual for the average person, to help you avoid the mistakes that cause claims to be denied or paid incorrectly. It is written in down to earth terms that you will be able to understand – not the technical mumbo jumbo that leaves you with more questions than answers!

You will learn exactly what each box means, how the information in the boxes is used to process claims, how to increase your accounts receivable, and how to prevent future denials by learning what is required in these new forms.

Just look at an example of our instructions vs. the Medicare website!

A Comparison of Medicare Directions and Our Instruction Manual

From The Medicare Website

Item 24C – Medicare providers are not required to complete this item

What does this tell you? What if Blue Cross requires it? What is that box actually calling for?

Here’s how we explain it in our CMS 1500 Instructions ebook.

Box 24C – is to indicate if the services were EMG or emergency.  Enter ‘Y’ for yes, or leave blank for no.

From The Medicare Website

Item 22 – Not Required by Medicare – Leave Blank

Well that’s fine if you are billing only Medicare, but what about the commercial insurance companies? We explain what information goes into each box, where to find that information and when it is necessary to put that information on the claim form.

Box 22 – is for Medicaid re-submission claims only. If your Medicaid office allows you to submit claims on CMS 1500 forms (NYS requires us to use a separate Medicaid CMS form for billing paper claims) then you would use this field to indicate that the claim was a re-submission.

You would enter the appropriate 3 digit re-submission code in the first part of the box. This code can be obtained from your Medicaid Provider Manual. (If you don’t know where your Medicaid Provider Manual is most of them are available on line. Check with your local Medicaid office.)

The second part of the box is for the 17 digit TCN number which would be located on the Medicaid eob. You would take the TCN number for the claim that you are resubmitting and enter it here.

We go on to list many common modifiers in our CMS 1500 Instructions Ebook.

When you’re done reading our manual you will know… EXACTLY how to submit a CMS 1500 form so that it will not be denied

 What each box and line on the CMS 1500 form means

 How to increase your accounts receivable!

 How the information in each box is used to process claims

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