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16 Medical Billing Marketing Strategies
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Increase the income of your medical billing office with these 16 special strategies!

Not only do we include the “ideas” themselves, but we also include the “how-to” information so you will know exactly how to put the ideas to work! You will get copies of our special swipe files such as; our phone scripts, our letters, and other resources that we use in our own marketing!

We know these methods work, because they increase our business every time we use them!

Dear Friend,

Starting your own business is a huge step… bravo for taking it! It seems like yesterday when we were making that same decision. We decided to start our own medical billing business, so that we could finally take charge of our lives, and not have to depend on “Corporate America” for our livelihood.

Working together as mother & daughter has definitely helped us, as we’ve had the luxury of having each other to lean on … especially in the beginning, when times got a little tough.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the same luxury that we have, and face their hard times & difficult decisions all alone.

As if just getting your new business started isn’t hard enough… then you have to learn how to run it properly! Once things finally start rolling, you find yourself just trying to get through the every day tasks of running your new business.

After a while, you realize that you really would like to get some more accounts, in order to reach the income goals that you set for yourself when you first started your new business. The problem? There is no one to lean on! No one else to bounce new ideas & strategies off of!

If you only had someone who’s been there… someone who has already found success to help walk you through the same exact steps that they took to get there!

This was the kind of outcry that we heard over & over as people started emailing us, almost begging us for help.

Realizing how difficult it was to try to build a successful business all alone, with no mentor to help with guidance along the way, we decided to put together a special strategy guide to help. We not only wanted to help them grow their business, but also to help them realize their dreams of owning a very successful business!

We got to work pulling together all of the exact same strategies that we use to help us with our continued success.

It wasn’t very long before we had pinpointed 16 different strategies, along with the details on how to implement them.

As a matter of fact… we recently added an additional “BONUS” strategy to this special resource!

Some of the things that you will find inside this special report… 

check mark How to find new doctors, and clients

check mark How to get other people to find clients for you

check mark How to call a doctor/office and exactly what to say

check mark How to pass your competition by specializing

check mark All about answering ads

check mark How to use direct mail to grow your business

check mark Working with “groups” of people for quick growth!

check mark Pulling income out of the health fairs

check mark How to take on a job

check mark All about hiring

check mark The “Porsche Drawer” effect

Bonus Chapter

check mark How the internet affects your business, and reaching the world through the power of your own website & online marketing!

And we don’t leave you hanging with just the “idea”, but we give you the how-tos as well!

Here’s an example:

We don’t just say… “you should contact offices to try to gain new business”

Instead, we include the exact same phone scripts and letters that we use in our own marketing! We know these methods work, because they work for us every time we use them!

We’ve had our business for over 15 years… and we’ve already crossed over the hard road many moons ago! Don’t you think it’s time for you to stop “going it alone”, and walk with a team who is experiencing success every day?

We’ve made this special report very reasonable so everyone can afford it… as a matter of fact, you can’t afford not to have these strategies at work for your business!


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