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Write a Contract For Your Medical Billing Service
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You’re going to love these easy to follow instructions, that walk you step by step through the process of writing a contract for your medical billing service!  

We uncover every area that you need to consider when writing a contract, scenarios of situations that can arise, as well as sample wording to use… while saving you a ton of money in lawyer’s fees!

You will also find information on contracts, E&O insurance and compliance plans, as well as a whole section on pricing for your medical billing business.

Your business needs the protection of a good contract, and this is the most affordable way to get the protection that you need!


One of the first requirements of a medical billing service is a contract between the providers and the billing service, and while preparing your own contract, you might find yourself asking these kinds of questions…
• How do I even write a contract? 

• What should I put in my contract?

• Where do I start?

• Can I use a sample contract?

• How do I know what to put in my contract,
when I haven’t even started my business yet?

• How can I get a good contract that will cover
everything, without spending a lot of money?

We’ve had so many people ask us for help with writing their contract, that we thought it was finally time to create a helpful resource that will show you everything you need, to create a proper contract between you & the providers that you service.

After all… how can you possibly know what is necessary to cover in your contract, when you haven’t had any experience with your new business yet?

On the other hand, you might be like many people we talk to, who’ve already been running their medical billing business for a while now, & are still questioning the strength of their contract should it need to hold up in court!

For many years we simply had a one page contract. We told our providers that we were just keeping it simple for both of us. But over the years, we took on many accounts that caused problems in the long run, because we didn’t clearly lay out our expectations in our contract.

We started seeing problems develop from things that you would assume providers would do automatically such as – send us notifications of all of the payments they received. And when we wanted to start charging them a late fee, we realized that we hadn’t even spelled out what the late fee would be in our contract!

In fact, when we first started our medical billing business, we charged a percentage of what we collected from the insurance companies, thinking that would be a good fee structure. We didn’t know this was illegal in NY until the accountant of one our new clients notified us. When we showed it to our attorney, he explained that because we were breaking the law with this contract, it was completely null and void and nothing in it would hold up in court, so we might as well not have even had a contract!

Not only did those initial mistakes take lots of extra time to correct, but it also cost us BIG $ in the long run! And, they could have been avoided if we would have had the knowledge that we have now!

We want to help you avoid making similar mistakes, which can be easily overlooked, especially when you don’t have the years of experience to guide you. And in the long run, each mistake could end up costing you $1000’s!

Because many people starting out don’t have extra money to work with, much less $1000’s for attorney fees, we created this wonderful resource that will show you what you need to cover, all the situations you need to take into consideration, how to price your services, and how to get this all into a legal contract that covers you… while saving LOTS of money doing it.


What we cover in the guide…  

• What goes into a contract
• Responsibilities of the provider
• Your responsibilities
• Services you will provide
• Local & State regulations
• HIPAA regulations
• Length of the contract
• Termination and early termination of the contract
• Do you need an attorney
• Why you need a contract
• How to determine your fees
• Different methods of charging your providers
• How to write your contract without spending a lot of money
• How and when the provider will pay you
• What if the provider doesn’t pay you
• O & E Insurance
• Compliance plan


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