Medical Credentialing

Question: What is Medical

Answer: Medical Credentialing is the process of
submitting your application to an insurance carrier, to participate with them as a new

Question: Why would I want to go through the process
of becoming credentialed with different insurance companies?

Answer: Because if you are participating with different
insurance carriers, you will be able to increase you patient list and your income, due to the fact
that most patients only go where their insurance is accepted!

Question: What process will I have to go through
to become credentialed?

Answer: You will need to fill out a lengthy application
(which can vary with each insurance carrier) with information such as; schooling, licensing,
experience, liability insurance coverage, languages spoken, etc on the application.

Question: What if I don’t know
how to fill out the forms, or don’t have the time to do it myself?

Answer: We can take care of the process for you!

How can I have you take care of this process for me?

#1 Call us at: 1-800-490-4299

#2 We fax/email a list of required

#3 You provide us with the information

#4 We take care of the rest!

** Although some companies have their own applications, many carriers are now requiring providers to submit a universal application called a CAQH.

Take the pain out of medical credentialing
let us do it for you from beginning to end!

CAQH Credentialing

Medicare Credentialing