Medicare Credentialing


In order to be able to bill Medicare for any services rendered, you will first need to go through the process of being credentialed with them. This process is required whether you choose to be a participating or non-participating provider!

The Credentialing Process involves completing several forms, which together make up the application.

Let us make it
simple for you, by taking
care of the process from
beginning to end!

Although this can be a lengthy involved process, there is a way to still get the Medicare Credentialing that you need, without the time & headache that can be involved!

We offer the service of completing Medicare applications for you!

Here’s the simple 2 step process!

#1 – Call us at: 1-800-490-4299

#2 – Fill out the form we give you & Fax it back to us.

As soon as we get all of the required information, we can usually have your application completed within two business days!

Not sure what forms you need?
Here’s a list of Medicare Credentialing Forms.

Once you provide us with the information needed to complete the application process, you will have no worries, as we will name ourselves as the contact person for the application process. We will also handle any questions Medicare may have regarding the application and will follow through to the end.

Call to get Your Medicare Credentialing done for you right away!

Information About Credentialing

CAQH Credentialing

Medical Credentialing

Not sure what forms you might need to have filled out?

Here’s how to tell what you need.

* A solo provider practicing by himself (or herself) will need an 855I and, an EFT (electronic funds transfer) form and a 460 Participating Provider Agreement.

* A group of providers practicing together under one name and tax ID# will need an 855B and 855I’s (for each individual provider), an EFT, 855R’s and a CMS 460.