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Alice Scott:
I am looking to start a home based medical billing company and want to know what kind of EIN# i should acquire.  I would be the sole owner and operator for the first year or so. Also what programs can you recommend that are the best in the field. Also, marketing what do you recommend. I have had friends who told me to go door to door of doctors office.

You can start your business with either your social security  # or an EIN for your tax ID.  This is your choice.  You probably will start out as a sole proprietor and may find you need to incorporate later on.  Your accountant will advise you when this is beneficial. 

What kind of programs do you mean?  Practice management systems?  Or are you talking about classes to learn medical billing?  We use Lytec software for our practice and find it to be very good.  We are planning on having a software comparison soon, but havenít been able to get to it yet.

Marketing is the hardest part of getting your business started.  Going door to door can be discouraging, but itís a numbers game and if you knock on enough doors, you will eventually find something. 
We offer an excellent book on marketing at
We also offer a book on starting your medical billing business

Hereís all the books weíve written

Good luck with your business.  Itís tough getting started but great to work for yourself.



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