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I would like to know would Office Ally, is or maybe the best software to use for therapist, chiropractor, etc., especially that I am starting as a new medical billing business or what would be a reasonable billing software to use?
Thank you

Are you talking about using OA for your PM software?  If so, I was not impressed with their PM system.  I did like the clearinghouse but we recently switched and I actually like the new clearinghouse better.  It is hard when you are starting up because you hate to invest money into software when you don't have any clients yet, but you can't start a client without it.  Some billing services only use the client's PM system and don't ever own any themselves.  We actually have our own system but we also have clients where we utilize their system.  We use Lytec.  It is relatively reasonable as far as cost and we are pleased with it's functionality.  There are other softwares out there at about the same price.  There are more expensive ones and there are cheaper ones.  The cheaper you go usually you give up functionality.  You will find lots of recommendations out there because whoever uses the software usually likes it.  Choosing a software is a tough decision and a personal one.  You have to pick based on your needs, and what you can afford. 

When people ask me for a software recommendation, I usually recommend Lytec because it's what I know the best and I feel it's a reasonable cost for the software you get.

If you are just starting out, don't tie yourself to a specialty software. Instead, check out the various ones out there to see what you are comfortable with.

There is also another way if you are experienced. Don't maintain any system, and instead use the clients solution. Not only does it cut your overhead expenses, it eliminates the extra time in setting up a client which won't impact revenue nor cost time in conversion or setup.


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