Author Topic: UHC no longer reimbursed hot and cold packs separate from the CMT.  (Read 5135 times)


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Your website is very informative and I signed up to keep abreast of trends in billing.
I came across a post by Rebecca regarding UHC and 97014. Here is the update I recall UHC sent me that I now follow in my office that I found on a chiropractic
UNITED HEALTHCARE Starting January 1, 2007, United Healthcare no longer reimbursed hot and cold packs separate from the CMT. Unattended electric stimulation was required to be reported under the HCPCS code GO283 rather than the CPT code 97014. I have had many calls about denied 97014 as not separately reimbursable. These denials will have to be recoded and resubmitted. Please let me know if there are any problems with resubmitting these services.
I add the GY code modifier for Medicare so that UHC pays upon denial.
Dr. David W

Hi Dr. W,
Thanks so much for your informative suggestion on the 97014 code. I'll email your suggestion to the person who asked about it. UHC is not a major insurer in our area so we haven't run into this yet. Although we bill for 17 chiropractors, most of them do not use the 97014 code, but we'll be sure to try your suggestion next chance we get.
Also, we are in the process of making our "Ask the Biller" page more interactive - more like a forum. So you would be able to contribute as well as ask questions. We think this will be much more informative. Not quite sure when this will be available, but it's a priority for us now.
Thanks for checking out our website. We can use any suggestions offered. We're constantly trying to improve it.
Alice & Michele
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