Author Topic: Which Medicare forms do I need to complete?  (Read 2480 times)


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Which Medicare forms do I need to complete?
« on: March 12, 2008, 09:43:47 AM »
We have a family physician that was practicing solo but has now become a hospital employee and will continue to practice from her office. The hospital will bill and be reimbursed for all services provided. For Medicare, Do I complete an entire 855I or 855A or do I just do a reassignment of benefits and a 588 EFT agreement? Confused here and appreciate your wonderful assistance as you always provide!
Hi Jamie,
If the physician is no longer practicing in any private setting then you could just do the 855R to reassign the benefits to the group (hospital). You wouldn't need to do an EFT if the hospital is already receiving their funds electronically. If the physician does plan on continuing to do some work privately, then you would need to do an 855I and an 855R.
Good luck
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