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some questions as I start thinking about how to setup my business

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I am someone who needs to know how things work through.  Let's say I use a X practice management and the clients I sign on use A, E, I practice management tools.  I would enter and set up the accounts on my practice management software? If clients have the ability to pay in office, how do I know that and I guess how does the office see what they owe. 

I am just starting this process.  I plan on targeting small one to two person therapy offices as I have someone interested already but really need to think all my ideas through.

Thank you so much!

In an ideal situation, you would not have your own billing software, you would be using what the provider has in place already, and you would be billing a flat/monthly fee for your services.

If that is not your situation, then you would need to know what the client is collecting at TOS, so as to appropriately account for that in your software. If you never "touch" the payment, it wouldn't be something you could charge them for, be it a percentage or flat fee.

Others here who own billing companies can advise you more thoroughly.

We have some accounts that we use their software.  In this case records obviously match.  We have other accounts that do not use any software, and rely completely on us.  And we have other accounts that use their own system but have us use ours for their billing.  It is crucial that providers give us all information regarding what they receive to ensure that the records are accurate.  We occasionally have an issue but it's not too frequent.  Ironically the issues tend to be even across the board, whether we are using their system, or ours.   ;D

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