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I will be starting a new Medical Billing Business within a few weeks! I have few questions regarding software. Would you recommend purchasing a software system or should I use the Physician’s current system? If, I purchase a system which would you recommend Kareo or Office Ally?

Thanks again   :) :)


You will find recommendations for both ways on this forum.  Linda is very pro using the physician's current system for many reasons.  Most billing services purchase/lease their own system.  We actually do both.  If we meet with a provider who has a system and it's working well for them, except they need a biller, we use their system.  But we also have MANY providers who do not have a system, do not have staff, or even an office.  For example, we bill for several drs who go to nursing homes or hospitals and only see patients in facilities.  One of them is several doctors who do this full time, but they don't have an office, or any staff.  So they don't have software.  We also have several mental health providers who have an office to see patients, but don't have a receptionist, or any staff, or even a computer (yes we have one sweet lady who won't use a computer or fax :) ).  So we offer to use our system when the situation calls for it, but we are always willing to use the providers system.

I am not familiar with Kareo, but I strongly dislike using Practice Mate (Office Ally's PM system) for billing.  I personally have used this system (very recently - earlier this month) and I find it very inconsistent, unreliable, difficult to work in, etc etc.  I truly can't think of enough words to describe how I feel about this software, and I'm an optimistic person.  But there is nothing I can say positive about Practice Mate other than it's available at no cost.  Oh, and the scheduler may be good, but I don't use that section.  There are simple things that a PM system should do automatically that Practice Mate does not do, which can cause claims to not be sent, or rejected altogether.  Things that the system should do without being prompted.  Such as the diagnosis pointer.  If a DX is entered up above (in that software) then the pointer should be automatically populated, but it's not.  Without that the claim will not be created.  The reports that you are able to run are EXTREMELY limited.  I've personally seen providers lose a lot of income using Practice Mate.

Oh.....CONGRATULATIONS!  We wish you the best in your endeavor.  Keep us posted on how it's going.  :)

Thank you so much for the detailed information regarding Office Ally. I really like your approach of being flexible with PM software. Thank you again.  :)


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