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Am I eligible for an NPI number?


I am starting a Newborn Hearing Screen company where we will contract with hospitals to perform their mandated hearing screens on all newborns.  When able, we will be billing under CPT code 92586.  My questions is this...Will I be able to receive an NPI # as a corporate entity (I believe it is a type II) and be able to bill and collect under that number even without a Type 1 # under that entity?  Our screen does not require a physician to either perform, oversee or manage this service and would like to avoid having to contract with a physician just so that I can bill for services rendered.

You can get a type II NPI for the entity.  You would bill under that type II NPI.  Some services are set up with insurances only under the entity.  For example, a portable xray company does not bill with any type I NPI on the claim.  They use technicians to take the xray, but those technicians do not get credentialed individually.  Claims are billed with just the xray company's type II NPI.


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