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Payment for 87426 antigen test

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Has anyone billed 87426 Infectious agent antigen detection by enzyme immunoassay technique, what is the reimbursement from Novitas or any other MAcs.  CLFS does not seem to have the price listed and has left for the MACs to price

We have not billed it, and I'm not seeing reimbursement amounts posted.   :(

no luck with price yet.  will post as soon as I have the info

Re. payment for CPT 87426:

This is for Los Angeles, CA.  Just did a quick search to get some ballpark figures / ranges.  This is from Office Ally, which does not have good search capabilities.

Noridian / Medicare:  $35.33

United Healthcare:  30.00

Blue Cross of California:  $11.98

Blue Shield of California:  $5.75

Wow, the reimbursement by BC and BS is very low!


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