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Question for Ask the Biller:
October 13, 2007
Hi Alice and Michele,
Both of you are doing a tremendous job with your newsletter and other information on your website. Being an owner of a billing company in Arizona, I don't think any other billing companies does this. Can you please spare some time to answer this question on Lytec – We have been using Lytec ever since I started my billing company in 04. We use the 2004 version and as we have grown to 10 practices, I am really unhappy with its patient statements. Specially I think it is not very good in calculating the aging buckets right and the statements are not very easy to read for patients. What have you done to come around this ? What version of Lytec do you use and are the statements any better ? I am thinking of changing the system but I like everything else about Lytec, so was wondering if I should change. How often do you bill your patients and secondary claims ?
We really appreciate your thankless service,
Thanks a lot
Shaun K

Hi Shaun,
I am not very happy with the patient statements portion of Lytec either, but we have found a few ways to make it a little better. The patient statements can be altered just like the claim forms can. In the Reports -> custom reports -> edit custom reports, you select the patient statement you want to alter. We haven't figured out a way around the aging of the bill. It is always off and we have patients call & complain about that occasionally, but what can you do. Just try to explain to them that computers ‘think’ differently! WE have done some other things though that make the statements easier to understand. We change the description of the CPT code to something they will understand. For example we bill for an eye Dr who works out of a Walmart but uses his home address for correspondence. So we coded the 92012 with a description of “Eye Exam – Walmart” instead of “Intermediate eye exam established patient blah blah blah” Another thing we did that is VERY HELPFUL. We made procedure codes to explain why they are being billed. For example, we use PR (as a procedure code) which on a patient statement prints out as “Patient Responsibility.” Another one we use is CT for “Your insurance coverage has terminated.” And COO for Please contact our office with correct insurance information. We have hundreds that we use. We have a code for everything. If the description is a long one, we just use 2 or 3 codes to “spell it out for them” We find this greatly decreases the phone calls we receive regarding bills.
We use Lytec 2007. We are billing for over 50 providers and with the electronics we have to keep upgrading even though I am against updating yearly. We upgrade every other year.
Thanks for your support!


Michele and Alice - You guys are awesome. In spite of billing for over 50 docs, you find time to answer back so promptly and at length. I really appreciate you sharing your “working around Lytec statements”. Well, I am really researching at length if there is a better product out there which does a better job in patient statements. I plan to go live either with a new product or Lytec 07 version by Jan 1.
If I find a good product at a decent price, I will definitely share with you.
One more thing – we recently opened a back office support center in India and I am absolutely thrilled with their work quality. I am sure you have heard a lot about outsourcing industry and how good businesses are adopting it for better productivity and profitability. Next year we plan to launch a service for billing companies where they can outsource charges and EOB entries to us for a fraction of what they pay their employees. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about it.
Thanks again for everything,

Hi Shaun,
Thanks for the compliments.  We struggled so much when we started our billing company that we enjoy helping.  We are working on our software comparison page now for the website so we would be interested in anything you find.

We've been approached many times by companies from India about outsourcing our billing but it just isn't what "we" are about.  We are a small office of friends who work together and enjoy (for the most part) what we do.  If we outsourced our claims, we would be out of work along with our friends. 



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