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Billing for claim submission and collections

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A One Billing:
Good afternoon,

We are a new company and I have a question about how you charge a client? Do you charge separate for billing and collections or do you charge just a flat rate for both combined? Also in speaking with potential clients they have stated they have been paying around 41 percent so would that be the range to stay in?

Thank you for your help

41%?  Is that a typo?  Or are you talking collections?  Or Billing?

A One Billing:
Thank you for your reply. It's not a typo that is the percentage they said they are paying right now. They are asking us to do the billing and the follow up, work off the EOB's to post payments, bill secondary..etc and work the claim till the final resolution.

I've been doing this over 25 years and I've never heard of any type of provider paying anything over 13% which I thought was high.  I answered you on the other post that we don't bill for nursing homes directly, only providers seeing patients in nursing homes, so it's hard for me to respond.  I am shocked that a nursing home can afford to pay 40+% for the billing.

Sorry, I just don't have anything to offer to help.   ???

A One Billing:
Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it.


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