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A One Billing:

We have another question about billing a Nursing Home. We are in the process of getting a contract with a Nursing Home and so far most of them have said they are paying around 41 percent. So with that we have dropped the percentage to between 33-35 % depending on volume to possibly secure the contract. Does anyone have experience with Nursing Homes and if so could you please provide some advice if this seems fair?

Thank you

It sounds like you are talking about collections, and not the actual billing. 

I don't have any direct experience with collections, other than using agencies.  We don't do hard collections.

A One Billing:
Thank you so much for your response. They were wanting us to do the billing as well as the follow up, I didn't clarify that in my question. They want us to post payments and work off the EOB's to bill secondary..etc..and work the claim to final resolution.

Sorry, I don't have experience billing directly for nursing homes.  We bill providers who see patients in nursing homes, but not the homes.  We bill, post payments, follow up, work denials, file appeals, bill patients, etc, but for a much lower percentage than 33-41.  We actually bill flat fees, but they are still way lower.


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