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Termination of services between biller and provider.

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If a provider gives you notice that they will no longer be using your services how would you determine the final amount that they owe you? If there are still outstanding claims that will pay after services terminate, then do you estimate their final bill?  Especially if you think they may not pay you once they stop submitting charges. 

What's your contract say under "Termination" or "out Clause"?

Linda Walker

I am working on policies in order to have a contract drawn up.  I just wondered how other billing services handled it.  The billing service that I worked at (way back when) would charge an estimated amount based on the last 3 prior month's collections.  They would average that out to come to a final due total. 

When we finish an account we clean up all outstanding claims and charge our normal fees.  We try to clean things up as quickly as possible to not drag things out.  You are entitled to be paid for all billing that you have done, and your contract should protect you for this.  You may have to get a lawyer. 

Good luck

We have a 90-day "run out" period in our contract. We don't submit any claims after notice of termination, but we continue to follow up on outstanding claims and charge our normal fee. If anything is left after 90 days, we send the provider a report of the outstanding claims. Occasionally we have had a provider who insisted that all work on her claims be stopped immediately and we have made maybe two exception to or 90-day rule, but for the most part it has worked well for us.



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