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I have the software Therapist Pro 3.0 still. I purchased years ago and it works great but I am unable to more to my new computer. I am looking into other options now! I bill for Mental health providers. Several of my clients want to use Simple Practice. Does anyone have opinions about this one? I use Availity's clearinghouse currently. I need to figure things out quickly. Thank you!

Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Simple Practice.   :'(

I have used Therapy Notes, Lytec, Practice Mate, Medisoft, Medent, and others, but not Simple Practice.  How is the pricing?

I have a meeting set up to talk with someone from Lytec later today. Simple practice is something 2 of my therapists are using to keep track of their progress notes. They were wanting me to use this because they are... looks like it is would be $59 per mo. but I am not sure yet. Trying to figure out if cloud based vs. platform based.

What do you use for your billing? Also, how are you charging your clients? I had set up my clients years ago with an hourly rate which they are very good with, but I am rethinking my whole business model. My software is dated and I am unable to transfer to a new computer... so I am looking into other software or web-based options. I have about 12 therapists with small practices. I only incur the cost of my clearinghouse of $75 mo. because i am grandfathered in... so I had to mess with that.

$59 per month is low.  Just make sure the billing portion is good. 

Can you get your software updated so you can continue? 

We use Lytec and I believe it will be about $300 a month for the cloud version.  We use the server version.  This works for us because we can have unlimited clients, and unlimited seats on the server version.  We have to update, but it still works out.

We charge a flat fee for most clients.  We are in NY and percentage billing is illegal.  The issue with hourly fees are that usually you don't take into consideration the other expenses.  Clearinghouse fees, software, computer upkeep, printer costs, email (if you have to pay for secure), phone & fax lines, office materials (pens, paper, stickies, highlighters, etc) and that doesn't even cover electricity, heat, space and taxes.  The per hour fee then sounds way to high for the provider because they are thinking they could hire an employee for that.  But they don't take all these other things into consideration.  With a flat fee model you can allow for those.


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