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I have not posted in while.  I was billing for mental health for 10 years at a medium to large practice. For the past 4 years, i have been billing for pain management.  I have a colleague that is starting her own small mental health counseling business.  What is a software that can be used for her EMR needs and also to send claims?  She has asked me to do her billing for her as she will only start out working about 25 hours per week, so she is very small practice.

Thanks in advance

This is a tough one.  EHR/PMS has a lot of options.  I don't have an EHR that I am familiar enough with to recommend.  It sounds like she wants both in one.  The EHR for her, and the billing side for you to submit the claims.  I'm sorry but I don't have a recommendation.  Does she have any colleagues she can check with to see what they are using?

all of her colleagues are in medium to large practice settings.  She will be starting out very slow with the number of patients she sees.   Looking for possible web-based or small business software for emr and billing purposes.

There are some free ones but you get what you pay for.  Office Ally had one available but I honestly hated it.  The reports were awful and the billing component was very cumbersome.  I do not know pricing on any EHR programs so I'm not sure what to even recommend.  I was hoping someone else would come on and comment.


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