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Advanced Data Systems (ADS)- Charging against contract

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I am using Medics Premier from Advanced Data Systems since 2009. Then it was changed to cloud server based and my contract was updated in  July 2016. Their fees were ridiculously high so I jumped into other software (Lytec). Then I moved many of my clients from Medics to Lytec. Until now ADS was able to delete/purge the entity in the system without any charge. Now they have came up with charge of $250.00/Tax ID to delete/purge the entity from their system. Well this is not listed in my contract. I am also paying $2500.00 support fees annually. When I asked them to delete/purge 3 entities from Medics, they sent me quote of $750.00 + Tax. Also they scratched out the some terms on the original contract, added Purge fees and back dated to 2016 July date. I feel like they are cheating me.  If the entities are not deleted from the system then they will keep charging me for those entities on monthly basis. Please give me advise on what should I do? Should I pay them and sign the backdated agreement or fight with them?

Wow!  That sounds unfair!  I don't have any experience with Medics, but I don't think that can be legal.  Do you have a copy of your original contract?

Yes, I do have original contract.

Have you advised them that you have a copy of the original contract and that you would prefer not to have to take legal action?  I would think if they know you have the original contract they would know they can't hold up.

Yes, I informed them that I have the original contract and these fees are not mentioned in there. They said regardless they do charge these fees and if I do not pay them then they will block my access to system.


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