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Dear Michelle,

I billed 93000 and 93040 with office visit codes but they are always denied. Which modifier should I use here? do you have any suggestions? pls help...

Also, when billing for CPT 93015 and 93350, I got payment for 93350 only. I would highly appreciate with any advices from you.

thank you so much,

Not much knowledge of your specialty here but the CPT book shows the 93016-93018 would be appropriate to bill in addition to 93350. The 93015 you are billing is being considered part of the 93350. Also for the 93000 and 93040 I'd use a 59 modifier to show they are distinctly separate services, also check your ICD-9 coding and make sure they're linked up per service.

I was thinking the same thing, but also, make sure you understand what they are actually denying the codes for.  It may be the diagnosis, or something else and not that they aren't allowed separate.


yes, I will verify more on those claims and call carriers to figure it out. Thank you for your helps.
have a great day to you!

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