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Where do you search for employees or freelancers?


Happy Sunday fellow Specialist,
After running my practice on a part time or per diem basis for 6yrs, I'm ready to focus on my business to grow. I need help in order to accept more clients.
Where do you search for trusted help? I'd prefer to sign on with folks who have experience or knowledge in medical billing at the very least.
Thanks in advance.

Honestly, we make a post on Facebook, we put a notice up at the local churches. We are specifically looking for someone who has experience with some sort of medical billing. I disqualify anyone that already is working full-time or has more than one part-time job. I have been blessed but I have also trained a couple and had to let them go. First thing they have to do is be able to come to me 3 days a week for 3 weeks for training. Some of these stipulations will weed out the ones that wouldn't end up working out anyway.


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